7 Best SEO Tricks That Boost Your Website Traffic

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7 Best SEO Tricks That Boost Your Website Traffic

In this article, I am gone tell you about 7 Best SEO Tricks that really boost your website traffic. There are many different tricks available on google that show you how to boost website traffic, but here I mention one of the 7 most common and effective SEO traffic boost tricks that really affect you to boost your website. Although SEO is a slow and continues process that will rank your website these 7 traffic boost tricks will really boost your website traffic within months

Without wasting a single minute lets move to the 7 Best SEO Tricks That Boost Your Website Traffic


It is true that content in the “King. Unique content on your website built internal links to other relevant content help your website rank organically for a relevant search. Consistently publishing great content creates authority, opens more opportunities to build a perfect backlink profile. Try to post simple and good content it will create brand awareness which has the potential to generate new leads and increase sale as well. If your web content is optimized well then possibility becomes 70% that your pages will turn up as the primary source of information in google search results.


Use of right keywords and long tail keywords that your customers will be able to find you. Second most powerful trick in SEO is keywords, we can say that SEO is all about keywords that how your customer place query in google to find out that specific item our services which your website provide and then use it on your content for better results. Keywords are the foundation of your website. That help your audience to understand the contents of your page. Keywords allow search engine platforms to have a better understanding of your website what it contains.

Copy Your Competitor:

It just like you already have a solved question paper in your hand before exams how perfectly you attempt your paper. You have to copy your competitors in market track out their mistakes and try not to repeat. There are many tools from which you can easily find out where your competitors get their backlinks from, see where they rank. Which topics they’re covering make sure you cover them too.

Minimize Mobile Response Time:

About one research there are about 90% are a mobile user. So, Google is continuing to push towards a mobile first experience. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewers, you probably lose most of the traffic and unique visitors every time. If your website loading time is slow and it is not user-friendly it will irritate user’s, as a result, they are gone move out from your website. On a priority basis, you make sure your website is mobile friendly. For this, you have to focus on

lImprove your web configuration

lGet a high-quality web hosting service

lReduce  the resources required by your web pages

Powerful Link Building:

One of the powerful trick to boost your website traffic and main search engine optimization (SEO) tactics a sign to Google that your site is a quality resource. With a strong link building, it will boost your organic search ranking. In short link building is the promotion of your website process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites. More backlinks lean to earn a higher ranking.   

Use Google Analytic Tool:

Google Analytics is web analytics that tracks and reports website traffic. Like google analytic tool no other tool will help you to boost your website traffic it is the best tool just sign-up for google analytics, add tracking code and simply learn about your audience. Target those audiences what they actually search and double your website traffic.

Well, Designed Landing Pages:

An important section of your website, which is automatically accessed through hyperlink clicked by a user on other pages. Landing page creates the first impression of your website. The more landing pages created, the more searches will be directed to your page thus your website traffic increases.


SEO is complicated look easy to rank in search engine from reading blogs and watching videos related to SEO but it’s not. It really took several years of continuous work to get a website on a suitable rank. You continuously work on a website to remain in a good ranking. 

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