ASO For Beginners:

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The mobile app market is growing fast day by day. A fast-growing industry where almost everyone uses apps for something: whether it’s ordering food, getting weather updates, playing games or social networking. People generated new ideas to overcome daily life problems and make an app to resolve that problem built simple games and bring new innovation to attract more users.

Keeping in mind the number of mobile users is increasing very fast, upcoming companies use mobile apps to reach their customers, increase their sale and revenue. People prefer a mobile app over the website have a look at big brands they all have a mobile app with their website because they knew its importance. So, it’s very important to learn about App Store Optimization (ASO) parallel to SEO, two get more traffic on the web and to generate revenue.

You are new to this app store optimization, or to improve your ASO skills, this post will help you to learn. Here I mention some of the very common basic and easy steps which are proven to maximize app store success by following these step you just get to know about ASO, how to start and how to rank your app on play store.


Play-store has a bulk of apps and number of apps are increasing day by day. Come up with new feature and idea. Give a unique name to your app. Choose a common and unique name so the user can easily remember your app name. Search out related apps on play-store have a look at them and then come up with new name and idea, what your app is actually providing while others fail to provide. Come up with a unique feature.  

Focus On Icon Design:

After coming up with a unique idea and feature, now its turn to make a unique icon of your app that will reflect your app functionality and explain your app in a better way. If someone looks at your app in play-store at the first time your app icon should reflect a core functionality of your app, or at least it conveys a meaning what your app is about?. Like if you are designing a photo editor app, weather update app or any other like that then your app icon must reflect your app functionality that conveys meaning to the user.

App Description:

Now moving towards the next and important step of ASO is your app description. It is one of the important parts of your app that helps your app to rank on play-store. No need to go for massive paragraphs with a lot of text, write short and to the point description of your app that will completely explain your app functionality. Your app description should be in three paragraphs simple and clear.

First, go for a problem that what is the problem people are facing and how your app overcome that problem describe what your app does. On the second paragraph mention your app core feature and explain them well list the app’s benefits and at the end on the third paragraph mention your app working and its extra features that will help out user. Compel the reader to download the app

Use Of Keywords:

The most important factor in ASO ranking is keywords. Use keywords in the title (app name). Use keywords in app description wisely that will boost your app rank on play-store use those keywords which have minimum competition with maximum search volume. Keywords visibility leads to downloads try to place keywords wisely, don’t put the bulk of keywords that will consider as spam by google algorithm and in result, your app will be removed from the play store. Repeat your targeted keywords 5 times in description and use others in a meaning full way. Use long tail keywords. Use keywords on your app screen shorts as well.

Add Screen Short And Videos:

The preview video is one of the best and efficient way to describe your app functionality. The video presentation is more effective than text. Although video screen shorts an icon don’t impact search ranking they are highly effective to drive downloads. You must make your app screen shorts natural that close to your app and reflect your app functionality. Use HD preview video. Highlight the essential features of your app on screen shorts.

 Localize Your App:

By localizing your app it will increase both the discovery and adoption of your app. Missing out a global revenue by creating an app on English only. As per study Asia drove 42% of all app revenue, 22% came from Europe and 33% app revenue is generated in North America. To drive revenue from global markets, you’ll need to translate your app title, description, keywords and screen shorts to the language of other users.

Boost You App With Promotion:

According to study 27% of users discover apps through search. Just like SEO promote your app through an online web presence. Marketing your app with social media. Using online advertising. App indexing makes app content directly searchable this is an effective way to promote your app. Promote your app with search ads that bring users directly to your app.

Encourage Positive Feedback:

As we say normally greater the number of positive reviews in the app store, greater the number of downloads. Prompt users to leave reviews, and reply to their comments google algorithm counts it. By this practice, you come up with the issues that user-facing while using your app so, you improve those bugs and errors.


Follow these steps to improve your app ranking in play-store. Regular revisiting each step to maintain a daily rank on play-store. It is a time taking process with accurate strategy implementation.  

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