Effective ways to Promote your Mobile Application

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After the development of the mobile application, the next step is to introduce it to the world.

Question is what should be the strategy to gain a maximum audience in a short period? So, I will introduce you some appealing ideas to make your app word of mouth.

Landing Page Definition:

Make a single line definition for your application landing page. So, people get an idea of what your application is about. The definition must be appealing and has your keywords. For example, if your application is related to real estate you must use keywords like Smartest Property portal or Houses for sale etc.

Social Media usage:

Social media is now a day’s best platform to bring audience so you must plan a strategy for promoting your application through social media. You must be click-worthy and share-worthy. You must be wise and creative with your work.

Use Promos:

Before launching your app create hype using teasers for your landing pages and collect beta subscriber.

Introduction Video of Application:

What your application is solving or providing and how to interact/use your application. You must have a video for showing it. People instead of reading prefer videos. Uniqueness that you provide to users must be on video. Keep your video short and to the point.

Reviews on App:

Ask your registered users to rate app. Count negative reviews too to come up with better solutions. There are many app reviews website go for it but try to be relevant.

Create Infographics:

You must create interesting infographics. It attracts people. Share your infographics as much as possible on different social sharing platforms and blogs to drive in traffic.

Community Creation:

Which users are interested in your application? Figure it out and surround yourself with it. You can create it on Facebook or meetup.

ASO Strategy:

Optimize title, description with keywords and screenshots to improve visibility on the app store.

Use AdWords:

Try AdWords to build your campaigns.

Facebook Ad campaign:

Show your app on Facebook to drive in more downloads.

Offer Discounts:

If you are working at in-app purchases offer at cheap prices for some days. Use push notifications and Emails to get your users know how of it.

Be Responsive:

Answers to the questions of your users quickly.

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