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google Fuchsia
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It’s not a secret that Google has been working on an alternative to Android. The ‘mysterious’ mobile OS – reportedly called Fuchsia – has been in works for quite some time now but details have been sketchy. That is until now. According to a report by Android Police, Google has first time published some “official documentation” about Fuchsia.

google Fuchsia

Google officially launched a developer website for Fuchsia. Called, the website currently has very few details which pertain to instructions for developers. The site’s landing page has a table of contents which is related to documentation regarding Fuchsia. Then there are sub-categories as well which include mailing lists, code of conduct, getting started and a few other instructions.

The site seems like an invite for developers to know and understand what the operating system will be all about. For the end users, there is still no information or details related to the OS. It’s not known whether Fuchsia will be an alternative to Android or whether it will end up replacing Android.

google Fuchsia

Meanwhile, trouble seems to be brewing for Google in India. According to a recent report, the tech giant appears to have misused its dominant position in India and reduced the ability of device manufacturers to opt for alternate versions of its Android mobile operating system, Indian officials found before ordering a wider probe in an antitrust case.

A report by Reuters last month revealed that the Competition Commission of India (CCI) had launched a probe in April against Google for its alleged abuse of Android’s dominant position to block rivals, but the contents of the directive detailing the initial assessment upon which that investigation was ordered have not been previously revealed.

google Fuchsia

The Indian case is similar to one Google faced in Europe, where regulators imposed a $5 billion fine on the company for forcing manufacturers to pre-install its apps on Android devices. Google has appealed against the verdict.

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