Intro to Cloud Computing

cloud computing
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Cloud Computing

In simple words, using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to process, store and manage data is cloud computing. Now technology has acquired cloud. It is like the outsourcing of computer programs. Now users can access computer programs from anywhere, computer programs are hosted by an outside party and it remains in the cloud. There are no worries for storage.

Amount of hardware and software required to run traditional applications was complicated and expensive. Professional Team was required to install, run, test and update programs. So, with cloud computing your issues with storing data reduce. It becomes the responsibility of an experienced vendor. You pay according to your needs and updating is automatic and maintenance is easy. Applications based on clouds cost less. Many businesses have moved their applications to the cloud because of its security and reliability. Because of the fame of cloud computing businesses have rebranded their products/services as cloud-based.

Types of Cloud Computing


  • Public cloud computing
  • Delivers applications over the internet through a browser
  • Saas applications offer extensive configurations and development environments
  • Customers to code their own modifications and additions
  • Using cloud software can become a usable tool


  • Provides services for developers to share tools, processes, APIs to accelerate development, deployment, and testing
  • PaaS can ensure that developers have ready access to resources
  • Without getting into code or infrastructure users can develop, run and manage applications
  • PaaS has several types. We will get into more details in advance guide


  • Public cloud providers
  • Offer storage and computer services on a pay-per-use basis
  • The third-party host of infrastructure that provides security and backup

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Reliable

As third party host it so for businesses and its users there is great reliability.

  • Multi-tenant

Number of users can access personalized applications.

  • Scalable

With IOT cloud applications provide integrating multiple applications.

  • Secure

Data is secured and centralized.


Cloud computing has become a platform for many applications. The major public clouds now lead the way in enterprise technology development, debuting new advances before they appear anywhere else. The cloud main purpose is to reduce time in marketing applications that needs scaling dynamically.

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