Resource Page Link Building

Resource page link building
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Link building is hard.


You cannot make it further harder only by using the technique of resource page link building.

What is Resource Page Link Building?

Resource page link building is the practice of building backlinks from pages that have curated lists of links to external websites (resource pages).

Why Does Resource Page Link Building Work So Well?

When someone adds your link to their resource page, your link makes their page better. That’s because resource pages are designed to link to awesome content on other websites.

You might even think that they’re too easy. Too good to be true.

They’re probably not worth having in your backlink profile if they’re that easy to score. But in this case, you’d be wrong.

You want to be on the most authoritative resource pages in your niche, industry or locality.

Getting backlinks from these pages to your website is one of the easiest and fastest link building strategies you can take on, and it also has a very positive impact on your SEO, if you know how to do it right

Resource Pages practically beg you to take them.

How to Resource Page Link Building?

Find the resource pages

The easiest and most direct way to find resource pages is through a simple Google search. As we mentioned in the intro, resource pages are quite easy to find which is what makes them so great.

As you perform your searches, there are a variety of search combinations you can use.

Combinations pairing your desired keyword with the word “resources” and “links”

With these search strings, you will find pages containing the words resources and links along with your keyword.

Keyword + “resources”

Keyword + “useful resources”

Keyword + “helpful resources

Keyword + “links”

Keyword + “useful links”

Keyword + “helpful links”

Contact the Webmasters

Once you’ve found some resource pages with a high page authority that are relevant to your brand, it’s time for you to reach out to those webmasters. it’s important to take the time to review the links that are already shared on each resource page. This will help you figure out what types of links you should be sent to the webmaster. So, if you’re just blindly submitting your homepage to resource pages, there is no guarantee that you’ll be featured. Instead, you’re better off sending them content pages. If you don’t have this type of content on your website, you should create it. Not only will it help you get featured on more niche resource pages for the purpose of building backlinks, but it’s also valuable content for your website and SEO strategy.

Resource must be a good fit

This may sound obvious, but you need to understand the kinds of links that are already on the resource page that you’re contacting. Is your content relevant to that page’s audience? Make sure there’s some precedent for your kind of site being linked to (or at least an indication that you could get a link). If, for example, a resource page only links to published scientific papers in scholarly journals, then there’s a good chance they won’t link to your start-up’s blog.

Resource pages should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to your link building strategy. As you can see, the resource page linking building is a fantastic way to build quality backlinks to your website or content. Due to the fact they’re easy to find and there’s a higher probability of success, this strategy is a true no brainer.

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