What Is IOT? Simple Explanation To IOT

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In Current Technology IoT becoming popular nowadays, but most of the people curious about what exactly is IoT? You find out 1000’s of technical definitions about IoT on google. Here we have gone explain IoT in a simple and common way with mention

The word Internet of Things (IoT) has two main parts: Internet the backbone of connectivity and Things meaning Objects/devices. So, IoT means the network of Internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data.

How IoT works:

IoT system is made up of four systems Sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and user interface.

Sensor / Devices:

Senor/Devices are the essential part of the IoT system that receives data from environment collect information from their


Now, that collected data is sent to a cloud infrastructure, but it needs a medium for transport. Sensors/devices can be connected to the cloud through a variety of methods including cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc.

Data Processing:

Next, the data is collected is in the cloud it needs to be processed to become valuable. This component is more flexible and unique for each circumstance.

User Interface:

After data processing, useful information is related back to the user via some interface to get creative with it. Companies brainstorm to relay information back. Example: Notification on smartwatch shows your goal is reached.

IoT examples:

o Connected Contact Lenses and Activity Trackers

o Digital Twins and Autonomous Self-Healing Systems

o Caterpillar and Prefix

o Smart Lock and Smart Mirror

o Google Glass and Smart Farming

Future of IoT:

It will impact all pieces of our lives from keen homes to self-driving autos, to social insurance. Envision being in a home that can identify when you go into a room and after that responds by somewhat modifying the temperature, turning the lights on to a fitting dimension contingent upon the season of the day, playing your preferred music and turning on the chimney. Because you strolled in the room.

On the other hand, a rest screen that can recognize when you wake up so your home responds by making your espresso, playing your wakeup playlist on Spotify, and turning on the hot shower.  In any case, the future looks truly energizing.

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